The game of Petanque is enjoyed all over the world.

A piste (pitch) is the playing area for the game of Petanque.

It's a game that is easy to learn, & and can be played by all ages. Download Petanque rules PDF here.

A  wonderful family activity, a social pastime or a competitive sport, it's up to you.

Piste de Resistance Constructions provides professional design and construction of Pistes of all sizes to the highest standard for any situation including Tourist resorts, Wineries, Municipal councils, Motels, Beer gardens, Camping areas, Sporting Clubs, Retirement villages, Lawn Bowling clubs, and domestic homes.

Piste de Resistance Constructions can also supply a full range of playing equipment such as Boules, Cochonet's, Rings, counters, and any other equipment related to the game of Petanque.

We will be happy to provide instruction on game play and rules, and rule books etc. to get you started.

Petanque is a simple game that can be learnt by anyone in about thirty minutes, and then enjoyed for a liftetime! A game that does not require any great phisical strength, it is commonly enjoyed by all members of a family from the youngest child to the oldest person.

The installation of a Petanque Piste is also beneficial to the environment as it usually replaces part or all of a lawn area, this means no more mowing! The only maintenance required is an occasional rake. Now you can enjoy your leisure time instead of mowing lawns, stay fit and save on maintenance costs.

A Petanque Piste is a very cost effective way to add value to any home.

Get your friends involved, Petanque is the perfect leisure pastime to be enjoyed with friends, a barbecue, a few drinks and Petanque makes a good day a perfect day!